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NAME : Stylin' Johnny Bones
AGE : 7
RACE : Undead
Card Shark: Johnny carries a strange pack of playing cards on him at all times, which he may use as a deadly weapon. In Johnny’s hands, these cards can slice into flesh when thrown.

Stacked Deck: A thrown card will have an additional effect on the opponent when Johnny chooses, depending on the card’s suit. Johnny can sometimes will the next card in his to be of the suit he wants it to be, but not always. He also hardly takes the time to check what suit a card is prior to throwing it.
On Spades, the target shifts into a different plane of existence, becoming intangible for a short time.
On Hearts, the target will burst into flames for a short period on contact
On Diamonds, the target will instantly teleport ten yards away.
On Clubs, the target experiences a baseball bat swing’s worth of blunt trauma to the contacted area.

Deuces: Johnny may will the cards to help him pick a Joker on his next draw. The Joker allows Johnny to create an identical copy of himself which he may control, yet it possesses none of Johnny's abilities. A keen eye may detect a difference in behavior and discern the real Johnny from the false one.

Silver Tongue: Stylin’ Johnny Bones has powers of persuasion like no other, mostly because magick is involved. Most of the time, Johnny can make a target believe what he says and persuade them to perform simple tasks for him (such as telling no one about a conversation had with a skeleton)

Clairvoyance: Johnny can use regular playing cards to divine truths as a seer would with Tarot cards, as well as communing with the dead and the spiritual realm. This requires preparation and cannot be done on the spot.

PERSONALITY : Smug, cunning and deceitful, Stylin’ Johnny Bones is a straight pimp and he knows it. With his smooth talking and mischievous magicks, Johnny Bones can and will get what he wants out of almost anyone. He is an intelligent fellow, and deeply appreciates beauty in all of its forms, be it a painting, women, or another’s anguish. Johnny is conceited, decadent, sadistic, and not to be trusted.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION : Johnny Bones is literally a bare skeleton. He conceals his form with a pin-striped suit jacket and pants, a French cuff with a tie, black shoes and gloves, a wide-brimmed hat, shades and a scarf. When required to cover his face, he often looks a touch silly. Sometimes he’ll simply walk with his head low, causing the brim of his hat and it’s shadow to mask his skeletal face. The face itself, while nothing more than that of a human skull, always seems twisted into a mischievous, tooth grin. His voice resonates from his skull, and so his jaw does not move with his voice, unless he forces it so.

Jonathan Dupree was born a gypsy boy on the streets of LA. In this setting, he’d never developed a real sympathy toward others; instead he’d developed a propensity toward stealing, lying, cheating and survival. He’d gambled (and cheated) his way to prosperity in the underground crime rings of the city, often having to evade authorities as well as enemies made from his good fortune. He became an infamous card shark, sucking his opponents dry of their hard cash.
However, Jonathan wanted more. His thirst for material things was an insatiable one; so powerful was his thirst that it was felt by a creature beyond the mortal realm. This creature came to him with offers of power in exchange for his soul. Jonathan could not resist the temptation, but he wasn’t keen on losing his soul, and so he challenged the creature to a game of poker instead.
Whereas Jonathan would normally have the upper hand, here he was powerless. Everyone has a “tell”, but this creature displayed no clue off which to base what its hand was. Jonathan panicked, and through sleight of hand, he cheated with a card he had concealed on his person. Jonathan won, but the creature knew all along that he’d cheated. “Here, take your power, and keep your soul, but everything else is MINE!”

Jonathan awoke, shaken and numb. He had been dreaming, and toward that he had deep gratitude; that is, before he looked upon his figure to realize what he’d somehow become. Jonathan had been reduced to a literal skeleton, but with a strange innate knowledge and understanding of the power bestowed by the demon of his dreams. With his newfound power, especially that of his silver tongue, Jonathan built a wealth and notoriety that far precedes him. Now known as “Stylin’ Johnny Bones”, Johnny is now a kingpin of crime operations in multiple cities across the United States. He owns a bar/brothel/entertainment joint in LA known as “The Vice”, open to all but known specifically for to peculiar clientele to which is caters. Only his most trusted subordinates (and prostitutes) are aware of Johnny’s otherworldly affliction, as he otherwise stays out of sight and has his methods of concealing it. Surrounded by beneficiary and enemy alike, Johnny thrives in his element of backstabbing and crime, running his own show from the LA underground.

As good as he’s had it, the creature responsible for Johnny’s affliction returned to him one night, revealing that he’d only been cultivating Johnny’s soul. Now more tainted and corrupt than ever, Johnny’s soul had grown into what the creature had been seeking to consume from the start. Now all there was to do, the creature said, was to garnish the soul with fear before reaping it.
Having been deeply rooted into crime game for decades, Johnny now seeks for a way out of it in a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of the soul-thirsty monster from his dreams.

this character made by OWEN also known as ARCTURUS
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Stylin' Johnny Bones
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