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 (WIP) Shawnie boy!

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NAME : Shawn Dresden
AGE : 22
RACE : ---
`Accident prone
`Pretty girls
`Doesn't always understand his limitations (guy thing)
`Too much emotion from others (he doesn't know what to do with it)
`Easily overwhelmed in critical situations
"Okay, I think we're set on the whole 'weaknesses' thing."
Hmm, we shall see.
`Is there a word for, 'prone to stupidity'?
"Why do you hate me?!"
Aw, Shawn I don't hate you! I just like making your life difficult.

`Positive attitude
`Easy going
`Quick to laugh

PERSONALITY : Shawn's cocky, confident and clumsy (c's were unintentional) but that's only going skin deep. No one has yet cracked Shawn's front. He's actually not a bad guy at all--except the clumsiness is here to say, that's not part of his persona. He does some how manage to captivate women's hearts. He tries to be humorous--'tries' is the key word there--which occasionally leads to his clumsiness.


His parents met in high school and both immediately hated each other. Glares in the hallways were mild compared to the full-fledged arguments they would have about, essentially, nothing.

A mutual friend decided it would be fun to set them up on a blind date. Of course this fell apart as soon was the date started.
Refusing to give up, their friend--involving other friends of both parties--locked the two in a closet (a spacious one luckily) and barred them in until the two could get along (that went over well. It took six of them to keep the doors shut.)

Oddly enough, they got along fine when they weren't concentrating on hating each other. The real reason for all the fighting was each had a crush on the other but didn't want to show it.
Their friends were relieved that World War III was over and were shocked to find in its place was, love.
In their senor year, Kat became pregnant. She came from a catholic family that wouldn't approve of an abortion, but Katie wanted the baby and when she talked to Julian, after much persuasion, he wanted the baby too.

After they graduated, they bought a home in the town they had grown up in--Archer, Florida. And Eli was born three months later.
In a year Jules was working steadily at a local Home Depot and, likewise, Kat was working the pharmacy at CVPS. At this point in their lives they decided they should--and very much wanted--to get married. They realized it was a little backwards to have a child and then get married but they were doing things their way and by their own rules now and no parent or belief could shake the faith they had in each other.
After their honeymoon, the happy married couple announced another addition to their family. Jeana was born nine months later.

After the birth of Jeana the couple realized the growth of their family was far from over. They began to search for new homes in their area until Kat finally landed a job as a nurse in a Pediatrician's office--she had been taking online classes since she graduated High School--and Jules knew they would have to go follow his wife's dream. Even if that meant packing up and moving approximately three and a half hours away. He applied for a transfer to the Home Depot down in Sebring, packed up the family, and said goodbye to his parents and his parents-in-law.

The new house was beautiful for a lower-middle class family. It was a creamy yellow on the exterior with high ceilings, three bedrooms, two and a half baths,and a basement. Julian got to work on finishing the basement at Kat's request--she had a feeling it would be necessary and thank Zeus for women's intuition--time had flown and it was one year after the birth of Jeana, Eli was three and there was a new baby on the way.

When Nathan was born he was given the last of the remaining rooms and Julian was only just beginning to recognize and praise his wife's foresight. However what happened next was unforeseen even by Kat. Julian lost his job. It wasn't his fault, the store had too many employees and a change of management was turning the tables on everyone. Julian was fired due to his insistance on his weekends off to see his family. The Dresdens struggled for awhile living off of only Kat's paycheck. After a nearly a year went by and Kat and Jules were about to call it quits because of how bad things had gotten between the two of them, Julian's parents stopped in for a visit and saw how the house, the family, and the relationship between Kat and Jules were all in disrepair. Julian's father, Thomas, took him aside in order to converse with him about what was going on within the household. After he had all the information he discussed a loan for his son but Julian objected stating that they were too broke even for a bank loan. Taken aback, Tom thought for a moment before offering a personal loan. Jules immediately objected and when his mother walked in on the no longer private conversation and pleaded with her son; yet his answer still remained the same. It was when Kat stepped into the room with her burning eyes and a simple, "Yes." That Julian finally agreed.

It took a little while before the couple was on good grounds again but once they were, things were better than ever. It was three years after Nate was born, four after Jeana, and six after Eli--never Eliot--were born that Shawn Thomas Dresden finally joined the party. He had missed all the struggle and all the hardship and perhaps that was why the smiling, giggling little baby boy was the way he was and grew into the man he ended up being.

As a kid, Shawn was always seemed to be in the shadow of his eldest brother. Despite being so much younger than Eli--some girls dated Shawn to get to Eli, some girls dated him because he looked like Eli, and some dated him because that was as close to Eli as they could get. What you need to understand is that Eli, Jeana, and Shawn all have chocolate brown colored hair like their parents--somehow Nate and Vince ended up with sunny-yellow blonde hair--and Shawn looked like a miniature replica of his brother when they were young. Eli's put a little weight since then. Shawn looked up to his eldest brother and wanted to be like him because Eli was always the charismatic one--all the Dresden's were charismatic but Eli stood out as the most amoung them--and he was extremely popular with peers, girls, and even teachers because of his looks, his sense of humor, and his ability to be a silver tongue. Shawn was already blessed with looking like him, so acting confident and cocky was be the easy part. And sadly, it was.

Or course there were girls who dated Shawn for him and not his brother, especially after his brother had graduated from high school and was in college. The girls would have to expect to see him only in the summer months and Shawn quickly tired of it. One of the few after Shawn for who he was, was Sara. Sara was the longest relationship Shawn had ever had. After her, relationships lasted a month at the most. Maybe it's the curse of Sara, Shawn still cannot keep a relationship longer than a few weeks.

After Shawn graduated he took a 'break' from school. That was when he met Amora. He was at a club--probably drunk--and he ended up hooking up with the hot Latina. Amora had an impression that the two were dating when Shawn had no intention of entering into a relationship.
Amora was offended by this at first but the two became friends... with benefits. After being with Amora very intimately for about six months he began to develop feelings for her. But when he came out and told her so Amora became furious. She told him that when they first met and Amora had mistakenly thought they were dating Shawn had freaked out on her. It had hurt her. She told him he couldn't walk all over her like a doormat or use her only when he felt like it. And she broke off the whole relationship right then and there. Literally moments after, Shawn couldn't help noticing her making a move on another man--right in front of him. As far as Shawn could see, he hadn't used her. He didn't mean to hurt her either. The truth was that he had been too drunk to remember what had happened the night he had met her. So yes, he had freaked out a bit when he very suddenly found out he had a new girlfriend. He thought about telling her that but based on the degree of the liplock she was currently engaged in he didn't think she would care to hear it. And so he sulked away realizing that just as he thought he'd escaped the 'three year curse' as his family called it--he certainly hadn't.

The curse began when he was six. His whole family had gone to Shawn's school because it was Parent-Teacher night. All the kids had climbed in the car and Jules was busy locking little baby Vince into his car seat. Kat was taking her sweet ol' time walking to the car with Nate's art teacher directly beside her engrossed in conversation.
"Let's goooooo!!!" Jeana whined in her seat closest to the door of the van.
"Jeana, you need to be patient, Mommy will be back shortly and then we can all go." Her father replied.
"I wanna go now!"
"Jeana! Daddy said wait!" Ever helpful Shawn chimed in. As he stood out side the van with his eyes on his mother.
She gave her little brother a glare. "Who asked you?"
"Well... Mommy did!" Shawn lied.
"She did not! Let's GOOOOO!!!" She wriggled under her seatbelt and grabbed the door handle.
"Jeana, I said be patient." Jules repeated as he struggled to see the buckle of the carseat as Vince waved a peach colored blankey in his face.
Jeana looked back at her father for a moment debating whether or not to obey his words.
"See? SEE?? Daddy says be patient."
"I know, I HEARD him. God, you don't have to be such a copy cat-tattle tale."
"I am not!"
"Are too! Now get in or get out of the way!" With that she slammed the door closed.
"Jeana!" Shawn whined as he pushed at the door handle with all his might 'til it finally opened. "Jeana, you have to wait."
"Do not. Daddy never said I couldn't close the door."
"Just get in before I close it again."
"Jeana, stop it!"
"Are you getting in?"
Shawn put a hand on the door as she began to push it closed. "Jeana!"
She released the door as her father looked over with a soundless stare of disapproval. "What?" She responded to both of them.
"Jeana, just cut it out or I'm telling Mom when she gets over here."
"See? You are a tattle tale, now get in."
"No!" She began to shut the door again. "Jeana, no!" Shawn out stretched his arms so that one was blocking the door.
That was how Shawn broke the first bone in his body. He broke the next at the age of nine during a PeeWee hockey game where he fell and slid on the ice wrong after tripping up skating after the puck. He broke his Fibia after a chorus solo in the seventh grade. The lights were so bright--and he was so excited--that he stepped right off the stage. Lastly, so far, Shawn was in a car accident at the age of sixteen and broke his arm--this one was a little off for the 'three year curse' rule but it was close enought to still count. So when Amora broke Shawn's heart, it was one more break in the series.

Shawn realized after all that had happened with Amora, he needed to get away from her. He began to look for work in states far from home: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington, Michigan--you get the idea. A club owner in Seattle, Washington was looking for a lead singer for his band called 'The Joker's Mask'. Shawn was thrilled. He had always wanted to be in a band. He had wanted a career in music since he was a kid. His siblings had made fun of him as he went around the house with a hair brush or a lollipop or a pen or anything in his hand, singing into it. He didn't let his siblings get to him, this is Shawn we're talking about.

Dresdens' have a knack for achieving their goals, especially when it comes to career choices.
Eli became a tech director for Broadway, Jeana is in the national womens' pro soccer league, Nate is a clothing designer under Vera Wang--I always forget to note that he's bi--and Vince aspires to be a serious business man (boring compared to the others huh? Shawn thinks so.) Which it looks like he may achieve with the grades he has. And then there's Shawn: a lounger singer in Seattle.
At least he got what he wanted.

this character made by SELENE also known as ELYSIAN FIELDS FOREVER

(WIP) Shawnie boy! 9itwqp
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(WIP) Shawnie boy!
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