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 How To/Beginner Tips *#4 is actually important

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How To/Beginner Tips  *#4 is actually important Empty
PostSubject: How To/Beginner Tips *#4 is actually important   How To/Beginner Tips  *#4 is actually important EmptySun May 20, 2012 7:49 pm

Hey guys! So here's how role playing in the corridor will work:

If you are beginning a thread you are in charge of giving the initial information on the location. Please be descriptive and feel free to use your character's point of view and opinion to help you articulate your surroundings. Also, you may want to add why you are there because it might spark an idea to another puppetmaster as to what their character may be doing there.

You, the puppetmaster, may choose for your character to have entered the location before or after the previous poster--however, you must make that decision clearly by referring to something in the previous character's post (i.e. a sound they made or something they did). The creator of the thread is NOT responsible for creating everything in the location and if you would like to add something, be it a door or an NPC (non-player character) etcetera, go for it. In fact I encourage it because that will give the others involved in your thread more to go on. Also, unless an NPC  is directly connected to a character (i.e. a pet or sibling or anyone who likely entered with the character) you may also control this NPC.

Post length is a personal preference, I like longer posts because they tend to be more detailed and give more to go off of. For this board there is no word limit because we are relaxed here and give no shits. However if you would like to lengthen a post my suggestion would be to add descriptions. If you mention a cat for example, describe the cat: what does it do? What does it look like? This might give you an idea of something else you may want to add to your response. If there isn't another living thing to describe, reread your post and see if anything wasn't vague--if so expand on it. Lastly, describe your character's thoughts and feelings. This will easily make your post longer and give it more depth as well.

As far as what you title your threads, I don't care; you could entitle it after the city it takes place in or a lyric from a song, again, I don't care. However at the end of the title in whichever type of bracket you prefer, you MUST put down who is invited to post (i.e. "all" or "open" means that anyone may respond, but referring to people by name/username means that only they can respond). I insist on this so that there is no confusion or hurt feelings along the line.
Titles may look like this:
Sweet Sacrifice {ALL}
Philadephia [OPEN]
don't cry for me Argentina ((Selene))
Take these broken wings and fly {[Arcturus and Elysian Fields Forever]}

Select any door you wish. At this time there is no difference between doors; variety is simply there for fun Smile

That's it! 'Sall I got for now, if something else pops up, welp! You will see it here. But as I said we're pretty laid back Smile

How To/Beginner Tips  *#4 is actually important 9itwqp
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How To/Beginner Tips *#4 is actually important
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