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 Kiara Naomh

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Ellis Mina

Ellis Mina

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NAME : Kiara Naomh
AGE : 28
RACE : Human
When possessed -
Holy Water
Sterling Silver
Sacred Grounds

When not possessed -

When possessed -

When not possessed -
Prayers (even though her prayers are rarely ever heard)
PERSONALITY : A hopeless romantic at heart, Kiara believes in happily ever afters and fairytales coming true for everyone. Some might call her delusional, some a true kid at heart, but either way Kiara knows deep down that happiness is the key to living a full life.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION : Standing at 5'5", Kiara is around average height wise, while weighing a little bit below the norm for her height range with only 114 lbs. She has fiery red locks and almost always wears her convent uniform.

It was the best day of Kiara's life; the day she would get married to the most beautiful and amazing man in the world, Dana. Kiara and Dana had been dating for well of 4 years, but if you were to ask her how the courting was, she would simply say how lovely those wonderful 4 years had been. Everything was going perfect in her life; she had a wonderful family, hysterical friends, and now a beautiful soul that she was about to marry in a couple of hours. What could possibly go wrong now?


With only a couple of hours until their marriage would become finalized, Kiara was beaming with that premarital glow. While she was looking at herself in the vanity mirror, her wedding planner had received the worst call any soon-to-be-bride could get.

"Dana...... He just had a severe stroke..... I'm so sorry Mrs. Naomh, but we need to call the ambulance," the wedding planner gently said, trying to hold back unnecessary tears.

Kiara felt her heart sink to her stomach. This was the beginning of the end of Kiara Naomh's life. By the time the ambulance got to the church, Dana's heart gave out and it was too late to have any chance of saving him from death.

For months and months, Kiara locked herself up in her house, refusing to leave, just thinking one thing. Why? Why did Dana have to leave so soon? The both of them were supposed to start their lives together, raise their own family, and live happily ever after. However, the more Kiara thought about it, the more she realized that something much bigger then her was at play in Dana's untimely death. She convinced herself that the work of demonic forces were responsible of her husband's mysterious death.

From that day on, Kiara devoted herself and her life to the spiritual world. She joined a convent in a small country and studied everything there was at her disposal about demons, Satan, and the paranormal. Sadly, the more she studied and investigated, the more she became... different. Instead of fearing the dark, she began to embrace it. Instead of embracing Jesus and spirituality, she began to fear it. Soon, she found herself becoming the demon that she tried so hard to learn about.

this character made by Maria also known as Ellis Mina
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Elysian Fields Forever
Elysian Fields Forever

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Very nice!! I like her Very Happy


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Kiara Naomh
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