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Elysian Fields Forever
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NAME : Charleston Spade (Charlie)
AGE : 19 - 4
RACE : Gangrel Vampire
`Obfuscate (a Discipline that allows vampires to conceal themselves and create some manner of illusions)
`Celerity (supernatural speed and finesse by expending vitae)
`Protean (ability to change form: from growing feral claws to evaporating into a cloud of mist)
^Melt into the ground
- Can be paranoid in stressful situations
- Tends to freeze up when he doesn't know what to do
- Hedonist
- Free spirited
- His family
- His pride
- Short fuse if you know what buttons to push
- Authority issues
- Not the brightest match in the box
+ Stealing
+ Cool-headed
+ Free spirited
+ No real material ties
+ Organized
+ Good looking
`Laid back (when he doesn't have a reason to be pissed off)
`"Average Joe"
`Charming (when he wants to be)
`Humorous (when he feels like it)

`Average height
`On the more muscular side
`Course dirty blonde hair prone to curling, currently short haired but shaggy, just above getting in eyes
`Hazel brown eyes
`Has real snakeskin starting at his left shoulder wrapping around his back, across his midsection, ending at his left hip
` Handsome
` Tattoo on his neck http://i58.tinypic.com/35bs868.jpg
` Tattoo on his arm http://i61.tinypic.com/23lk429.jpg

Hasn't let go of his family. No one knows how much he is still dedicated to them.

Set the stage:
Mother - Margaret
Father - Henry
Sister - Adelaide

Charlie grew up the black sheep of the family and the polar opposite of his older, twin: Adela. Adela liked books and school and was very successful in her studies. Charleston couldn't have been bothered with either. He was bored by the strict Christian upbringing of his parents and--though he saw the difference between right and wrong--he saw that hard work and morality didn't pay off. His father was fired from his job when Adelaide and Charleston were 15. They were forced to move from Chicago--a place Charlie loved--to Nilwood: a small farming town, population 284 (no joke). Girard Community High wasn't like anything Charlie was used to, even though Chicago was less than 4 hours away. Though, soon Charlie returned to his old habits of skipping school, not handing in homework, and acting out whenever possible. Henry and Margaret tried disciplining him, they tried being more strict, less strict, tutoring, positive reinforcement--they tried everything they could think of but nothing could curb Charlie's behavior. The only time Charlie did better was when Adela tutored him but when he got bored of that he stopped handing in his homework even if he'd done it.

Surprisingly, for a rebelling teen, Charlie cared little for female interaction. He was often oblivious to their affections. Surprisingly again, Charlie was well liked though he had no friends. It was most likely that Charlie could have made friends with anybody but didn't due to perhaps his loner nature or pride. The time spent in Nilwood was time spent dreaming of Chicago but Charlie did learn a thing or two. He was forced to help out on the family farm and this made him a rugged and handy young man.

Early in life Charlie had begun stealing, but stealing was much easier in the big city. He had to be more crafty in Nilwood and often it was either so easy it was boring, or so difficult that he would be caught without question.

As soon as he graduated, Charlie moved back to the city. His city. He got by on stealing, and it was so easy! Charlie soon became very good at what he did but kept as low a profile as he could. He began making allies with local gangs and drug cartels because he could get them what they wanted for low prices with little advance notice. Whether anyone had put two-and-two together was unknown but many could guess.

During this time Charlie met Pete. Well--Pete met Charlie. Pete watched Charlie for a long time before deciding he would be right for the embrace. Being a vampire only helped Charlie to be a better thief but Pete had bigger plans in mind. The vampiric gang war was a real thing that Charleston had little to no knowledge of as a human but as a vampire he would have to stand by his gang, even if he hadn't picked them. It went against everything Charlie wanted: solitude, anonymity, subtly. He stuck in it for Pete--who'd become a close friend to Charlie--and for loyalty and protection.

The first gang fight was his last. Charlie frenzied and, though he killed several enemy gang member, he was literally scarred for life. A thick ribbon of snakeskin wraps around his torso--a reminder of losing his battle to his inner beast.

this character made by SELENEalso known as ELYSIAN FIELDS FOREVER

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Charlie Spade
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