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 Flyin' solo

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Flyin' solo  Empty
PostSubject: Flyin' solo    Flyin' solo  EmptySat Jun 28, 2014 1:07 pm


She could feel the cool touch of the wind as it sank into the flesh between her feathers. She didn't feel cold but she shuddered anyway. Her dirty timberlands dug into the gravel with all her weigh on her toes. When she pushed off she dove head first down a narrow crevice. Her eyes closed for a minute, caught up in the free fall, her wings opened to slow her descent and flapped a couple times before her feet gently found the floor.

Eza liked the isolation of this place but, once again, her job had brought her to confined quarters. With any luck this wouldn't take long.

She continued down the narrow pass.

Flyin' solo  9itwqp
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Flyin' solo
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