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 The one of the none

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PostSubject: The one of the none   The one of the none EmptySat Jun 28, 2014 1:50 pm


Disembodied humming echoed down the chamber--the source impossible to locate in the narrow ceilinged, endless passage way. Vivi skipped and leapt into a puddle--not that she hadn't already been standing in one in the vast sewer system. Her humming continued as she ambled aimlessly. She liked it here: the dampness, the circular structure, the rainbow red-brown of brick. Above all, she liked the echo.
The greeting seemed to encircle her on every side. She giggled and kicked up water.
"To when the unknown seems to that which none may see the end for when the truth is not and the way is not, then there truly cannot be." Vivi nodded to herself and began humming once more. She wasn't sure of the song she was humming but it seemed familiar. The tune was not rhythmical and the phrases disconnected from one another--it might have sounded even creepy coming from small, 12-year-old size Vivi.

Her pitched face tilted down: a feather! It was short and grey with white speckles; it floated in the water like a babe in a cradle. The miniature fingers of both Vivi's hands wrapped around it.
"The one of the none."
Reaching up to an orange and pink braid, Vivi untied her hair in order to braid the dripping feather in.

Vivi's hair was a chorus of color--or cacophony. Her natural color was unknown and unremembered. She would often dye strands of her hair at a time and that was all--some times she would eat the dye. It was her favorite to have her hair in little braids and it wasn't uncommon that on occasion when she would find something she considered beautiful, it would end up wrapped up into her hair. Just behind her left ear there was an inside-out candy wrapper shining even here in the murk.

The wet feather was creating a patch of moist circles on the shoulder of Vivi's green and silver T-shirt but either she didn't care or didn't notice. Her attention now seemed bent on drowning her sneakers in the tenebrous water.

The one of the none 9itwqp
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The one of the none
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