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PostSubject: Cry Thunder   Cry Thunder EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 1:18 am

She opened her mouth but instead of a scream lightning sparked every which way. Nothing felt right. Could she really be happy? Could she stay happy? Somehow, that happiness always seemed to hinge on another person.
But she didn't know how to make it stop.
A jolt ran across her fingertips--she'd gotten used to the feeling. She let the sensation build up inside her: the frustration, the pain... the hatred. She'd promised herself to stop this, but perhaps there was no stopping it.

She bared her teeth as she could feel the lightning gathering behind them. Her insides felt like they were melted from all the emotion she was swallowing. When she couldn't take it any more she opened her mouth and let another soundless lightning-scream escape. It felt almost euphoric. The woods around her immediately disappeared into a burst of hot, white light. There were snaps and fizzles and crackles of fire taking the forest. She felt no remorse as she stood in the middle of her safe place full of smoke. This would be her place no more. If not one place, another. Isn't that how it'd always been? Never in one place too long? Nothing ever truly safe?

Lies. Lies!
She turned her back--but the fire was everywhere. She'd killed her home. And she hated herself for it. She choked on smoke and tears; her hands wiped frantically at her face futilely. On a desperate impulse to escape something--anything--her body jerked forward and she was running. Running and the tears were streaking. All exposed skin was covered in black soot. If nothing was safe, when would she stop running? What would happen when she couldn't keep running any more? When could this poor soul rest?

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Cry Thunder
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