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 Disciplines Resource (first 5 dots)

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PostSubject: Disciplines Resource (first 5 dots)   Disciplines Resource (first 5 dots) EmptyFri Feb 17, 2017 2:04 am

This list documents the first five powers granted by all main Disciplines, excluding blood sorcery such as Thaumaturgy and Necromancy, as dictated by the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (the book we're using).

Animalism (Gangrel, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Tzimisce)

*Feral Whispers: Speak telepathically with an animal whose eyes you meet
**Beckoning: Summon all animals of a single species to you with a howl or cry
***Quell the Beast: Cow a mortal into a state of apathy or fear. Pull vampires out of frenzy
****Subsume the Spirit: Possess the body of an animal
*****Drawing Out the Beast: When on the verge of frenzy, send your Beast into another person

Auspex (Malkavian, Toreador, Tremere, Tzimisce)

*Heightened Senses: Raise one of your five senses to superhuman levels
**Aura Perception: Learn various qualities of a person by perceiving their aura
***The Spirit's Touch: Learn something of an object and its previous owner from its resonance
****Telepathy: Briefly probe someone's mind or project a telepathic message to them
*****Psychic Projection: Free your mind to travel the world in astral form

Celerity (Assamite, Brujah, Toreador)

***** Each dot in Celerity adds one die to Dexterity rolls and additionally allows the players to take multiple actions in the same turn without penalty, with the expenditure of blood

Chimerstry (Ravnos)

*Ignis Fatuus: Create a static illusion that affects one of the five senses
**Fata Morgana: Create a motionless illusion that can affect any of the five senses
***Apparition: Add motion to an illusion created by Ignis Fatuus or Fata Morgana
****Permanency: Make an illusion created by Chimerstry last until dismissed
*****Horrid Reality: Places the mind of the victim in an illusionary world of the Vampire's creation

Dementation (Malkavian)

*Passion: Amplify or dull emotions present in the victim, increasing the difficulty of frenzy, Virtue, and other rolls
**Haunting: Inflict maddening visions upon a victim
***Eyes of Chaos: Gain insight into the nature of something through seemingly random patterns
****Voice of Madness: Provoke extreme fear or anger in victims
*****Total Insanity: Give someone five temporary derangements

Dominate (Giovanni, Lasombra, Malkavian, Tremere, Ventrue)

*Command: Give a simple one-word order that a target must obey
**Mesmerize: By holding a target with your gaze you can implant false thoughts or hypnotic suggestions in a target's mind
***The Forgetful Mind: Rewrite the memories of the target
****Conditioning: Over time make a target a slave to your will alone
*****Possession: Transfer your mind into a mortal body and control their actions

Fortitude (Gangrel, Ravnos, Ventrue)

***** Each dot in Fortitude adds to the character's Stamina for the purposes of soaking normal damage (bashing or lethal). You may also use Fortitude dots to soak aggravated damage. This is the ONLY way one can soak aggravated damage.

Obfuscate (Assamites, Followers of Set, Malkavians, Nosferatu)

*Cloak of Shadows: Remain hidden so long as you do not move
**Unseen Presence: Become invisible to others so long as you do not attract attention
***Mask of a Thousand Faces: Change your appearance and mannerisms to mimic someone else
****Vanish from the Mind's Eye: Disappear right from in front of someone
*****Cloak the Gathering: Extend your Obfuscate powers to a group

Obtenebration (Lasombra)

*Shadow Play: Move and shape the natural shadows around you
**Shroud the Night: Blanket an area in a cloud of unnatural shadow that obscures light, sound, and heat
***Arms of the Abyss: Summon black tentacles from the shadows to assist you
****Black Metamorphosis: Encase your body in nightmarish armor and grow black tentacles from your sides
*****Tenebrous Form: Transform into pure shadow that can only be harmed by fire, sunlight, or magic

Potence (Brujah, Giovanni, Lasombra, Nosferatu)

***** Each point in Potence adds one die to all Strength rolls. In addition, one blood point may be spent to turn each Potence dot into an equal number of automatic successes on Strength rolls for the turn

Presence (Brujah, Followers of Set, Toreador, Ventrue)

*Awe: Induce an immediate and intense attraction to those near you
**Dread Gaze: Bear the Mark of Caine to terrify a victim into immobility or reckless flight
***Entrancement: Make someone obsessively want to please you
****Summon: Compel someone to come to you immediately
*****Majesty: Appear as a figure of absolute power and authority

Protean (Gangrel)

*Eye of the Beast: See in the dark. Usage of the power turns the eyes into a glowing red
**Feral Claws: Morph your hands into dangerous claws
***Earth Meld: Melt into the earth to hide and rest
****Shape of the Beast: Transform into one of two specific animals
*****Mist Form: Transform yourself into mist

Quietus (Assamites)

*Silence of Death: Make the area around you completely silent
**Scorpion's Touch: Turn a bit of your blood into a debilitating poison
***Dagon's Call: Grievously injure someone from afar that you've touched within the last hour
****Baal's Caress: Coat your weapon in your blood and use it to cause aggravated damage
*****Taste of Death: Spit acidic blood at the target, inflicting aggravated damage

Serpentis (Followers of Set)

*Eyes of the Serpent: Immobilize a target with your gaze
**Tongue of the Asp: Grow an extended tongue that serves as a weapon, causing aggravated wounds
***Skin of the Adder: Grow hardened monstrous skin, becoming more resilient and flexible (and ugly)
****Form of the Cobra: Transform into a massive snake with a venomous bite
*****Heart of Darkness: Enact a rite to remove your own heart

Vicissitude (Tzimisce)

*Malleable Visage: Make minor cosmetic alterations such as height, build, voice, skin tone, and facial features
**Fleshcraft: Make drastic alterations to muscle, fat, and cartilage
***Bonecraft: Make drastic alterations to bone
****Horrid Form: Transform into the war-form zulo, becoming a hideous, destructive monstrosity
*****Bloodform: Transform into a pool of sentient vitae
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Disciplines Resource (first 5 dots)
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