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 The Six Traditions of the Camarilla

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The Six Traditions of the Camarilla Empty
PostSubject: The Six Traditions of the Camarilla   The Six Traditions of the Camarilla EmptyMon Feb 27, 2017 11:52 pm

It is wise of neonates to memorize the Six Traditions (not word for word), as they are the backbone of Camarilla law and kindred culture. Generally speaking, the local Prince applies where all mentions of the word "elder" appear.
The First Tradition: The Masquerade

Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood.
Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood.

This is relatively straightforward, although in Modern Nights the Masquerade generally extends to actions that will attract too much mortal attention, like excessive murder.
The Second Tradition: The Domain

Thy domain is thine own concern.
All others owe thee respect while in it.
None may challenge thy word while in thy domain.

Simply put, a kindred's hunting ground is hers alone and she rules it absolutely. However, with the growing population of kindred largely confined to cities this is not an easily or regularly enforced statute.
The Third Tradition: The Progeny

Thou shall only Sire another with the permission of thine Elder.
If thou createst another without thine Elder’s leave, both thou and thy Progeny shall be slain.

Do not embrace without the blessing of your Prince. This measure is taken largely to uphold the Masquerade, as a greater number of kindred in one city puts everyone else at risk. Many, but not all Princes will enforce this law with a Final Death penalty as stated in the Tradition.
The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting

Those thou create are thine own children.
Until thy Progeny shall be Released, thou shall command them in all things.
Their sins are thine to endure.

This Tradition ensures that no childer is turned loose without proper tutelage on Camarilla ways. A childe still under her sire's wing is considered a fledgling, who graduates to a neonate when they are ready to operate on their own. The time it takes to become a neonate is not clearly defined. The final part of the Tradition is strictly enforced, however, so that the sire will take great care in shaping her childe into a functional member of Camarilla society.
The Fifth Tradition: The Hospitality

Honor one another’s domain.
When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who ruleth there.
Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing.

This is a well practiced Tradition where one must present herself to the Prince of a city they are visiting and receive the Prince's permission to stay. It helps the Prince keep track of the kindred of her city and gives her the ability to turn away undesirables. Undesirables, however, are not often inclined to seek out the Prince.
The Sixth Tradition: The Destruction

Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind.
The right of destruction belongeth only to thine Elder.
Only the Eldest among thee shall call the Blood Hunt.

This Tradition speaks for itself, as broken as it often is: Don't kill other kindred. Obviously, this law does not protect enemies of the Camarilla such as Sabbat. The language written regarding the Blood Hunt is important, as the right of a Prince to call a Blood Hunt is still frequently wielded in Modern Nights.
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The Six Traditions of the Camarilla
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