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In the early Dark Ages, an order of centuries-old Hermetic mages called House Tremere despaired at their failing Spell of Life. Desperate the discover an alternate means to preserve their immortality, they began capturing and experimenting on the Tzimisce of the Carpathian mountains. The result was the ability to artificially embrace themselves, becoming kindred, and thus immortal once again.

However, becoming undead meant they were no longer able to wield their Hermetic magic. Through exhaustive research and painstaking experimentation, the vampires of the budding Clan Tremere developed a system for bending their cursed vitae to unnatural ends to fuel their sorcerous powers and rituals. Thaumaturgy is virtually unknown to living mages, and it is universally distrusted and reviled by those who have encountered it

Path of Blood
*A Taste for Blood: Gather information about the target with a sample of its blood
**Blood Rage: Force a target to expend vitae to raise attributes and lower their ability to resist frenzy
***Blood of Potency: Temporarily lower your generation
****Theft of Vitae: Steal blood from a mortal or kindred from an incredible distance
*****Cauldron of Blood: Cause a victim's blood to boil from within

Path of Elemental Mastery
*Elemental Strength: Draw greater strength and resilience from the earth
**Wooden Tongues: Speak with the spirit of an inanimate object
***Animate the Unmoving: Move and bend an object within the limits of its form
****Elemental Form: Turn into an inanimate object roughly your size
*****Summon Elemental: Summon a spirit of one of the four classical elements to hopefully do your bidding

Green Path
*Herbal Wisdom: Commune with the spirit of a plant
**Speed of Season's Passing: Cause plants to rapidly grow or decay
***Dance of Vines: Animate vegetation to fight or perform tasks
****Verdant Haven: Create a physical and mystical shelter of branches, leaves and vines
*****Awaken the Forest Giants: Get an entire tree to fuck people up

Hands of Destruction
*Decay: Cause an inanimate object to age years in seconds
**Gnarl Wood: Warp and ruin wooden objects with a glance
***Acidic Touch: Secrete a powerful viscous acid which affects metal, wood and living tissue
****Atrophy: Cause a victim's limb to wither instantaneously
*****Turn to Dust: Cause a living person to age years in seconds

Lure of Flames

*****Each dot of this power lets you create more larger and more powerful unnatural flames

Neptune's Might
*Eyes of the Sea: See what has transpired on, in or around a still body of water
**Prison of Water: Create chains of water to imprison a subject
***Blood to Water: With a touch, turn a victim's blood to water
****Flowing Wall: Create a barrier of water nearly impervious to all beings
*****Dehydrate: Remotely drain all water from an object or victim

Path of Conjuring
*Conjure the Simplest Form: Temporarily conjure a very simple object (single material, no moving parts)
**Permanency: Conjured objects may be given permanent existence
***Magic of the Smith:Conjure a complex object (multiple materials, moving parts)
****Reverse Conjuration: Banish objects conjured with this path
*****Power over Life: Temporarily conjure a living (though mindless) being

Path of Corruption
*Contradict: Make someone change their mind on a course of action
**Subvert: Cause a victim to act on their dark impulses
***Dissociate: Make someone become distant from others for a time
****Addiction: Cause a victim to be psychologically dependent on a particular sensation
*****Dependence: Temporarily bind someone to you

Path of Mars
*Warcry: Temporarily increase one's Courage and Willpower
**Strike True: A single melee attack automatically succeeds with one success
***Wind Dance: If not attacking, you can dodge many times without penalty
****Fearless Heart: All your Physical Attributes raise by one
*****Comrades of Arms: Use Path of Mars powers on others

Path of Technomancy
*Analyze: Learn how a device works
**Burnout: Cause a machine to malfunction
***Encrypt/Decrypt: Cause a device to only work for you
****Remote Access: Operate a machine remotely
*****Telecommute: Project your mind into the global telecommunication network

Path of the Father's Vengeance
*Zillah's Litany: Discover blood bonds and Vinculi the target has
**The Crone's Pride: Reduce a victim's Appearance to zero for the night
***Feast of Ashes: Force a vampire to only be able to gain sustenance from ash for a time and be limited in how they may use blood points gained from it
Uriel's Disfavor: Make all light uncomfortable and harmful the vampire
Valediction: Temporarily undo any change in generation from diablerie

Weather Control
This Path has multiple self explanatory powers per dot
*Fog, Light Breeze, Minor Temperature Change
**Rain or Snow
***High Winds, Moderate Temperature Change
*****Lightning Strike



Necromancy is a form of blood magic that deals exclusively with the world of the dead: wraiths and the Shadowlands. Just as there are different styles of conventional blood sorcery, there are a variety of Necromancy practices. It is primarily practised by Clan Giovanni and a handful of rare bloodlines. The blood magic style itself could be said to be an evolution and fusion of the Cappadocians' earlier discipline of Mortis.

Sepulchre Path
*Witness Death: Perceive ghosts and feel their touch
**Summon Soul: Summon a wraith from the Underworld for conversational purposes only
***Compel Soul: Force a wraith to do your bidding
****Haunting: Bind a wraith to a location or object
*****Torment: inflict damage on wraiths

Ash Path
*Shroudsight: Allows you to see into the Shadowlands
**Lifeless Tongues: Allows you to speak to the dead in any language
***Dead Hand: Allows you to reach into the Shadowlands and touch objects there
****Ex Nihilo: Allows you to step into the Shadowlands
*****Shroud Mastery: Allows you to strengthen or weaken the shroud rating in an area

Bone Path
*Tremens: Causes the flesh of a corpse to shift
**Apprentice's Brooms: Raise the dead to perform simple functions
***Shambling Hordes: Raise the dead to attack your enemies
****Soul Stealing: Allows you to rip one's soul from its body
*****Daemonic Possession: Place a soul into a fresh corpse
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Blood Sorcery
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