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 Our first prompt!

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PostSubject: Our first prompt!   Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:44 pm

Hello all and welcome to our little forum.

With these prompts my plan is to just get creative juices flowing and share them during our monthly meetings (currently scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 8pm).

However! If you cannot join us on Discord, you can still be present on the forum WHENEVER YOU WANT!

The only downside is that we will not be discussing your prompt directly--however, there is a chatbox (on the main screen, bottom of the page), private messaging, and other forums all to assist in communication so don't let that stop you.

Anyway, on to the prompt! In your own reply, copy and paste the prompt below

Finish this post (preferably aim for less than 10 pages):

Easter is my favorite holiday. Without it, I would never have a chance to see my family--not all of us anyway. Only on Easter, my great-aunt throws the most enormous party for my entire extended family. The backyard is decorated and the eggs are hidden for the kids to find. The adults take this time as a break from constant parental duties to have a cocktail and talk dirty with the other grown-ups. Without question, this had always, always been my favorite time of year. I had no idea until I opened up that door it was all a cover up for...............................

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Our first prompt!
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