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PostSubject: Absolute Zero   Absolute Zero EmptyWed Jan 10, 2018 7:47 pm

Ayames eyes snapped open. Searing daylight pierced her eyes.
Panic. Struggle. A tangle of sheets.
“Shit!” she cursed as she fought to free herself from her bed sheets and fell off the other side with a thud.
She waited for the pain to come, the agony of her beautiful pearly skin burning.
She lifted her head, shoving blonde waves out of her face and uncurling from the instinctual fetal position. Still nothing.
Ayame slowly got to her knees, her perfectly manicured hands curled over the side of the mattress as she lifted herself up just enough to peek over the other side. Relief than anger filled her. It wasn’t the sun at all, she had left her stupid fucking lamp on last night.
She snatched a down feather pillow off her bed and tossed it and watched as it sent the lamp to the opposite wall with an satisfying crack.

She pushed herself to her feet and lifted her arms above her head and stretched. Ayame tried to recall the dream that jolted her from sleep so violently but it was fading fast like the tails of a shadow being chased away by the light. All she could remember was Nakhti. Her eyes narrowed. It was always him. The details of the dream varied and faded, but his face was always fucking crystal clear.

Ayame walked to her, now lamp-less, bedside table and snatched up her phone. It was only three-thirty in the afternoon, the Sun wouldn’t set for another hour. She flopped back on her bed, lifting her phone to glare at the time again. At least it was winter, the sun didn’t go down until seven in the summer-time. She got up from her bed again, feeling restless, and went to the heavy drapes that concealed beautifully arched windows. Her hand reached out tentatively, her fingertips just barely brushing the thick creme fabric to the side. Dying light shot through hungrily, grazing her finger tips. Air hissed through her teeth as she sntached her hand back. The light was shut out once more as the fold slid back into its rightful place.

She looked down at her hand, the assaulted fingertips looked like singed paper. Ayame was in horrible mood and she had only been awake for less than an hour. This called for blood. She was starving but she didn’t feel like covering up to outside, and yet she was too impatient to wait for the sun to go down. A grin pulled at her lips, she supposed she’d have to make due with delivery.
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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Zero   Absolute Zero EmptyWed Jan 10, 2018 8:58 pm

In Nakhti's line of work, he needed to be awake during the day. This was simply remedied by getting to the office before dawn and having his car customized with specially tinted windows. This didn't keep the sun out completely but it did make it impossible for passersby to see how ridiculous he looked within. Once he got home, it was just a matter of killing time. Or not. That's what the call in "call girl" was for. He grinned at the reverie. Nakhti was sprawled across a love seat in his living room. Trying to maintain focus on the merger with Playful Plantains and Bananas R Us but it just wasn't working out. Annoyed, Nakhti let out a frustrated groan and he slammed the stack of documents onto the already-cluttered coffee table. He swung his legs over to sit and rub his hands over his face.

From his place on the couch, he could see the light behind his floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains fading. He was grateful for it. He needed to get out and away from his responsibilities to work.

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