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 The application

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PostSubject: The application   Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:00 pm

Name of race :
Physical appearance :
Special abilities :
Weaknesses :
Strengths :
Quirks : (i.e. they twitch; turn orange when ill; etcetera)
Population : (Is this race rare? Common?)
History of race :
Other information :


[b]Name of race [/b]:
[b]Physical appearance [/b]:
[b]Special abilities [/b]:
[b]Weaknesses [/b]:
[b]Strengths [/b]:
[b]Quirks [/b]: (i.e. they twitch; turn orange when ill; etcetera)
[b]Population [/b]: (Is this race rare? Common?)
[b]History of race [/b]:
[b]Other information [/b]:
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The application
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