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NAME : Oran Derleth
AGE : 27 (Modern)
RACE : Human
ABILITIES : Revolver: Oran carries a revolver on him at all times.

Ensnare: Oran may call forth a massive tentacle, which will burst from the ground and entangle the closest target. The tentacle will maintain hold over its victim for a short period of time before entering the victim's mouth and choking it to death. Oran may will this to happen prematurely.

Malefic Visions: Oran may plant maddening visions of an enemy's demise in their heads, incurring a number of psychological effects depending on the victim's force of will. Effects range between moderate debilitation to loss of sanity.

Leech: Oran may feed off the life force of others by touch. This leaves the foe temporarily weakened while giving Oran a boost of strength and energy. Prolonged channeling of the spell may regenerate wounded flesh.

Summon Nightgaunt: Oran may call forth a Nightgaunt into the mortal realm. The Nightgaunt is a sinewy, faceless creature of humanoid form, with ravenous claws and membranous wings. The creature will return to its realm once its purpose for being summoned is concluded.

Occultist: Oran may perform occult rituals either from memory or from the Necronomicon.

PERSONALITY : Paranoid. Oran jumps at shadows and loud noises. However, his insatiable curiosity will often times replace any fear. He is subject to very occasional violent mood swings.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION : Oran is six feet tall and around 170 lbs. He has brown, combed hair and soft green eyes. He is Caucasian, clean shaven, and has facial features that make him look as intelligent as he is. He constantly looks sleep deprived, mainly because he is. He dresses in casual formality with a satchel or backpack on him at all times.


Oran had never been an outgoing individual. With a mild case of Asperger’s, the man had never had a propensity toward making friends and instead kept to his studies. He spent his free time occupied by his own intellectual pursuits. With a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences on its way from Brown University, Oran was practically destined for a healthy, financially secure and boring as hell lifestyle; that is, until curiosity drove the cat mad.

Oran spontaneously inherited a large sum of money and a priory in southern England from a recently late relative he never knew existed. The late relative, Aifreid of Augustine, had apparently written Oran into his will, and when the call came along with a deed in the mail, Oran determined to visit the priory during the summer intermission from the university.

Oran found the rural town beneath the priory’s hill to his liking, but not its inhabitants. The townsfolk were country-fashioned English farmers, mostly charming and receiving, until Oran would divulge the reason for his visit. From what he gathered, the Augustine Priory was dreaded place amongst the locals, considered a cursed edifice looming over the town from atop its hill. The vague warnings given by those townsfolk who would speak to Oran only fueled his terrible curiosity. When he approached the priory, he did so with every intention of performing a most thorough investigation.

Oran’s entry into the priory filled him with a nigh insatiable thirst for knowledge. It was not its appearance which affected him so, for its interior was orderly and pristine. Rather, it was an alien sensation which seduced him so; an unnerving sensation of ancient rites and eldritch perversions of papal practices which goaded Oran into a state of blind hunger for enlightenment. The sensation grew with each advancing step into the priory, and in a mode of cognitive absence, Oran pursued the source of this sensation in spite of the anxiety it cultivated in his subconscious. He was led through the chapel and into a study hidden beneath the priory, where he discovered a vile, arcane tome, bound in foreign leather and riddled with cabalistic runes of a dark nature. The allurement of what esoteric truths must hide within its pages was irresistible, and so Oran pilfered the tome without a second thought. Oran resolved to examine the tome only after he concluded his expedition.

Oran then heard a sound he now yearns to escape the memory of. The terrible sound was like the baying of a feral hound and the desperate cries of a dying man. At the time, Oran lacked the association in his mind that now causes the sound to stalk him to this day. The awful sound emanated from below and it led Oran to descend a narrow set of stairs deeper into the earth.

Whatever Oran discovered beneath the Augustine Priory had driven him into a state of half madness. He’s since returned to the United States, and now spends his days and nights desperately searching for answers regarding the horrors he had come upon. However, the deeper he delves, the stronger a hold certain dark urges gain over his mind. Oran must retain an unrelenting hold on what humanity he still has if he is to uncover the truth of the deranged legacy of his lineage.

this character made by OWEN also known as ARCTURUS

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Oran Derleth
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