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 Kobura, Fist of the Tempest

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PostSubject: Kobura, Fist of the Tempest   Kobura, Fist of the Tempest EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 2:40 am

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NAME : Kobura
AGE : 184
RACE : Elf

Way of the Zephyrmonk: As a Zephyrmonk, Kobura’s body is both a weapon and a conduit for the power of elemental air. As such, he uses his body and elemental air in concession to incapacitate foes. This makes him a dangerous opponent, for everywhere in the material realm there is air for him to manipulate…. and you’re standing in it. Kobura will certainly make use of sand, ash, or any fine, light substance he can make use of.

Path of Storm: Kobura is proficient in the fighting style used by Zephyrmonks who walk the path of Storm. This means Kobura’s attacks may be infused with air’s elemental fury: Lightning. For Kobura to utilize this power, he must be able to contact an opponent in two places, to complete the circuit.

Blind Combat: When blindfolded or in low light areas, Kobura can utilize his keen sense of air currents to detect movement. He can only sense static objects when he himself is moving. He is able to fight effectively without a sense of vision. This sense makes it difficult to sneak up on him, as well.

Shuang Gou: Kobura is proficient in shuang gou combat. Though he prefers to use his body alone, some situations call for use of a weapon, particularly against physically tough opponents. These are times during which Kobura will make use of his shuang gou. Kobura may make use of his Gathering Storm when both swords are contacting the opponent.

Stealth: A Zephyrmonk is taught to be light on his feet. Kobura excels at sneaking and sneak attacks, often using spurts of electricity to incapacitate foes from behind.

PERSONALITY : Kobura is an excellent fighter and he knows it. Arrogant and boastful, Kobura often rubs others the wrong way. He is not self-serving so much as he is egotistic and ambitious, though few understand this. Though intelligent, Kobura is bullheaded, eager to test his constitution. Kobura is confident and talkative for a monk, often speaking his mind whenever he pleases.

Kobura often takes the dynamic approach to his obstacles: efficient and effective. He’s open to others’ ideas so long as he plays a pertinent role in the plan. He understands the necessity of teamwork but from time to time he’ll take things too far. He enjoys the company of others and seeks to get along with whom he can.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION : Kobura is handsome, though his features are commonly considered too sharp, even for an elf. He has deep green eyes and short brown hair. Kobura is lean and built, as a monk should be, and is almost always draped in a monk’s traditional orange half-robe, as he is proud to be a Zephyrmonk. Rigorous training has rendered his body sufficiently scarred by physical means, and burnt by lightning. As a Zephyrmonk, Kobura is always barefoot and always carries a string of green prayer beads with him.

Kobura has always been a student of commendable martial prowess. He was born and raised in the grand Elven city of Zephyrwield, where elemental wind as well as their physical avatars are revered and worshipped. It is here that the Zephyrmonks practice their art, and among them, Kobura. The Zephyrmonks practice an art of utilizing the power of elemental air in concession with their bodies in combat, as well as dedicated worship. The monks choose between two paths to walk, the path of Gale and the path of Storm; they each represent wind’s steadfast support and its potent aggression, respectively. Kobura decidedly walks the path of Storm.

As a combatant, Kobura has made a name for himself. Not undefeated, but hardly outmatched, the young monk is frequently praised for his victories. However, his sensei, Master Arashi, offers no praise. He insists, in spite of his distinguished martial prowess, that Kobura entirely fails to understand the concepts of harmony and inner peace. This lack of inner balance, Arashi explains, is what holds Kobura back from achieving his true potential. Though monks who walk the path of Storm tend to have more difficulty grappling with these concepts, Kobura displays an outright ignorance to them, squandering the potential his superiors praise him for. “Kobura possesses all of the aggression the spirits of wind themselves possess, but nothing else.” – Master Arashi

Tortured by Arashi’s criticisms, Kobura constantly seeks to distinguish himself from his peers. So, when a precious artifact was stolen from the grand temple, a ring dubbed “The Heart of the Tempest”, Kobura did not hesitate to beg for Arashi’s permission to pursue the culprit. After some consideration and consultation of the other masters, Arashi approved Kobura’s request on the condition that the young monk make a dedicated attempt to learn the world and perhaps in doing so, find his inner peace. Without a second thought, Kobura agreed and set out to prove his worth by finding the artifact. Master Arashi asserted that “Though you may be searching for the precious Heart of the Tempest, it is most important that you return to us with wisdom you’ve yet to possess.”

this character made by OWEN also known as ARCTURUS
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Kobura, Fist of the Tempest
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